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Thrive Gymnastics is partnering with Creative Beginnings Preschool to bring play you play-dates for preschoolers.

Each play-date is 60 minutes of jam-packed fun with a perfect mix of organized activities and open play. Instructors provide supervision for children on equipment, organize age-appropriate obstacle courses, and entertain the children with high energy games. 


Parents are encouraged to participate during some activities and step back to encourage independence during others.

Open play time allows time for parents to mingle and kids to explore.

It’s a time of friendship and fun for everyone!
50% of the proceeds from the play date will go to Creative Beginnings.

2018 Dates: TBA 

To register to attend a play date go to and click on the events calendar at the bottom right of the home page. Click the link for “Creative Beginnings Play date” on the date you wish to attend and fill out the information on the registration page.

If you need help registering, call 410-995-8130

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