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Language experiences help to develop children's use of the English language, increase their vocabulary, and ultimately give them a delight in the use of words. 


Physical Experiences both inside and out are planned to develop small and large motor coordination skills. Daily involvement in a variety of physical activities will release the children’s natural tensions, develop their muscles and give them a sense of accomplishment in the mastering of body skills.


Science Experiences will develop the children’s sense of spatial and numerical relationships, involve them in the wonder of natural growth and increase their interest in the physical world around them. It will give them an elementary sense of cause and effect and develop their own ability to influence and affect the world around them. 


Spiritual Experiences provide opportunities for children to feel a sense of wonder as they discover the world God Made. 


Creative Experiences in music, art, poetry, drama and dance will stimulate their artistic skills by working with their natural abilities to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. As these skills develop, the children will expand their creativity and grow in their appreciation of the arts.


Social Experiences in sharing toys and people will help children to find constructive ways for dealing with anger, joy, frustration, happiness, disappointment, and wonder. Such experiences will also support a children's relationships among other people in different environments.

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